My son

Sent from above so precious i love
You are created so beautifully and wonderfully made
What a joy it can be;your heart for me to aid
Our bond will be so strong that nothing could come between us,
But if anything were to happen atleast i know you’ll have one is jesus.
Love is the best thing i can give you,which equals time; because it will never cost a dime,so as you grow up in life,enjoy and have fun,i want you to know how grateful i am to have you as

My Son

Divine Heart


You name the title

Excitement, joy, love in accord…
All in the presence of the lord because he sent his son.
The exclamation mark! Seems to be the highlight of my day; seeking diligently for the lord;he is the Web way. Sometimes im lost in words not knowing what to say,but thanks to my heavenly father;he always makes away.

Top living….that high holy spirit feeling im dying inside every day to stay focused and express my lively purpose for which it is driven.

What i have enough become is what i’ve struggled to maintaining;without his support i cannot sustain. Im nlt here to entertain. ..but to give comfort to the lord to sit comfortably inside the heart of your pain.

Christ liked is what ive now become. Through all things an that occur i try best to figure out the sum.

But until i find out the answer i must stand firm.
To the sky I’ll keep looking up; with the strength i have i will never give up.

What I’ve become is hard for people to understand (easliy misunderstood ) patiently waiting for his love, always still at hand.

His will be done,giving way of which to turn,deep down i know that Gabriel and Eli are waiting for my return.

Taking the intiative to be a better man
Though a winding road;i try best to stick to Gods plan.

Blessed assurance my hope divine
My love goes to and fro cause Jesus is mine.


Divine Heart