My son

Sent from above so precious i love
You are created so beautifully and wonderfully made
What a joy it can be;your heart for me to aid
Our bond will be so strong that nothing could come between us,
But if anything were to happen atleast i know you’ll have one is jesus.
Love is the best thing i can give you,which equals time; because it will never cost a dime,so as you grow up in life,enjoy and have fun,i want you to know how grateful i am to have you as

My Son

Divine Heart


Peace the Problem

How do peace?
How Can you peace?
When problems approach our lives we tend to act out of anger and (emotions ) feel the need to piece our problems. i.e
Fight physically,and/or pick and choose selfishly how we think or feel
The resolving should go our way. We point the finger to whom should get the blame . though in the end we are in regret feeling shame…….
So how can we tame and realize that we are the blame.
Can we melt down,look in the mirror and find that inner peace within ourselves…..first lets jump out of denial. And say “look i am/was wrong “, “i did this and i shouldn’t have, can you forgive me because id like to forgive myself and come to an agreement on how we can make this problem better and turn it into a matter of resolving this peacefully.” “You and i may or may not still be angry but at least neither of us are raging physically nor internally. Lets PEACE THE PROBLEM”…..

Developing an alternative to look or take inventory of ourselves,admit and move on so that we can grow, is a way of keeping long term pain and aggression from coming to effect. Why so much turmoil?..

Why put ourselves in a situation to where we come to a boil?….
Put the fire out immediately and save the internal burning before it burns us inside out. Can we peace the problem…? Is it too much for us to fathom that we can only control ourselves.
Somebodys got to be the bigger person and maybe sometimes say nothing at all but im sorry..Let the other person vent there feelings,then come back and reason.. [No treason]

Lets build and prevent negative ignorant intentions and promote positive dimensions.

When the bullets are coming our way lets try and dodge them and…
                                              Peace the Problem


Divine Heart