What is Poetry?

It’s what you create there is no right or wrong in poetry

My Island Home

I was asked yesterday, “what is poetry?”

Such a simple question, but it floored me.

I guess it is like asking a musician “what is music?”.

For me, the definition has always been implicit within the word; so I just write. I had never really stopped to think about the definition or technicalities. After a moment of mild panic and discomfort, I pondered, scratched my chin and wrote down this:

Poetry is a symphony of the heart
A moment in time
A little verse or rhyme                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
of ideas formed inside.

I looked at it. It was missing something. I left it and than researched reflections from other poets. Adrienne Rich once eloquently stated, “every poem breaks a silence that had to be overcome” ( 2003, pp 85). This made me think further, following I found a piece of work by Ted Kooser who quite simply states – “poetry is communication”…

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