The Mirror Image

At first you see my appearance;

Smooth,clear,mellow and full of endurance.

Do you speak to me-outside of my frame? Or do you dig deep inside of what you think is lame?

Or..within yourself do you see the same.?

The camera in the eyes is a recording  of what you feel is shame…The window of my pain….

Sharing with me in unity/unison to clean the dust off the pane.

The troubles within cause me to go insane.

Exactly what your looking for hides behind the steel door,living sometimes isnt an option anymore.

If you want help you need to find the key. The key sometimes you cant see,

Because its in the bunch of a hay stack. Within me you’ll find what is not that hard to fight for,

Yet we lack…… (Love)

Quick! Someone hurry before its too late; somebody please get the windex and wipe

Me a clean slate. We walk around full of stress because we’re filled with

So much sloth; trying to wipe what needs to be clean with a dirty cloth.

So smooth and glassy as to offer an insecure hold. Within the cracks in need of

Healing we treat it with scold. The closed mind is the difficulty of what

We cannot scope and because of tough challenges why do we lose hope?

As a reflection of ourselves and thought of as..”well i use to be” that way “what can i share” or how can i

share; how can i change. …..Change!!!!!!! Dont be afraid of it.

Do we judge or do we pray sincerely and care-fully?….Not out of spite but because we truly & genuinely care for them.

Who are you? Do you know who you are?….maybe your still lost.

It not too late to be found. Start now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. ….

Can we do things with one another rather than against one another…?

We all can learn and teach @ the same time.

[Illness ]

Egotistic,closed minded,self gratifying..

Stop telling people what they want to hear and tell them the truth. Its what they NEED TO HEAR.

The change in you can or could be the change in me . Take a look in the mirror. ..

What do you see?

We tend to seek for someone to look out you even know what’s in store?

And one more thing i need to mention…..

We form our words telescope and microscope, whos paying attention.

We need to begin with sympathy not solution.

…… lets stop treating life like its some kind of scrimmage and look deep within

The Mirror Image


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