The architecture of poetry

My Island Home

I commenced this week of the poetry course feeling a little overwhelmed. As I delve into the technicalities of verse and begin the climb in understanding the academic architecture of poetry, my knowledge is expanding, but my application of this material is still at the beginning. From understanding significance or simplicity of title, to style, form, voice’ and word order. It is whirling around in my head.

I developed a love for poetry at a young age and my own work has focused on free verse and rhyme to convey my passion for expressionism. As my comfort and home, this innocent portrayal (much like a musician who can play without reading music) has enabled me to find my own rhyme, and melody.

Now that I am conscious of these things, I (nervously) wonder now when I write, will this knowledge distract from my authenticity? These elements need to become synonymous…

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