Sometimes in love you never wanna give up..
The love i have for my son, sometimes i feel is never enough.
Beginning so rough and tough i dont wanna bluff.
So deep down desirable in my heart i stand my ground
Shake ably; trembling i haven’t been round
Isn’t the trust sometimes aloud or is it all the time…its just not sound.
Sometimes in some  times of unspoken
Heart beats….i give out at the top of the mountain peaks, the sound speaks.
High fly, cry,why…just to get by
I realize its because of the “sometimes” the real is on the rise, yet it sits on the horizon….unblind whore/horror eyes in
Its our disguise thats keeping us from defending the lies….
Feel, heal, wheel and deal we’re blinded to what awaits us at the tip of the heel, are you foreal. To my transgressions i kneel.
Are you aware of what we lack for care….or are you just afraid of whats about to ware and tare.
Stuck in a daze to the future i stare.
My goal is already accomplished…..im almost there
To the finish line i await the ending;
The victory, peace and still happiness is pending
Arent you tired of the false hopes and dreams?……


Divine Heart


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