When you try the most you give all that you can give. It’s amazing at first when you see the potential giving of how much love is at the presence of hearts door step but then you realize that when things come so vague and are demandingly true you try and avoid the comings of release and turmoil against what is forced upon. Not realizing how much there is to learn,understand and maintain..The auxiliary cord is ripped apart so how can you hear the 808 of my heart of there’s now sound. Yet sometimes it can be muffled with the blockage of disagreements and negative energy prowling around hovering over our heads….why???….is it too late


What is Poetry?

It’s what you create there is no right or wrong in poetry

My Island Home

I was asked yesterday, “what is poetry?”

Such a simple question, but it floored me.

I guess it is like asking a musician “what is music?”.

For me, the definition has always been implicit within the word; so I just write. I had never really stopped to think about the definition or technicalities. After a moment of mild panic and discomfort, I pondered, scratched my chin and wrote down this:

Poetry is a symphony of the heart
A moment in time
A little verse or rhyme                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
of ideas formed inside.

I looked at it. It was missing something. I left it and than researched reflections from other poets. Adrienne Rich once eloquently stated, “every poem breaks a silence that had to be overcome” ( 2003, pp 85). This made me think further, following I found a piece of work by Ted Kooser who quite simply states – “poetry is communication”…

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The architecture of poetry

My Island Home

I commenced this week of the poetry course feeling a little overwhelmed. As I delve into the technicalities of verse and begin the climb in understanding the academic architecture of poetry, my knowledge is expanding, but my application of this material is still at the beginning. From understanding significance or simplicity of title, to style, form, voice’ and word order. It is whirling around in my head.

I developed a love for poetry at a young age and my own work has focused on free verse and rhyme to convey my passion for expressionism. As my comfort and home, this innocent portrayal (much like a musician who can play without reading music) has enabled me to find my own rhyme, and melody.

Now that I am conscious of these things, I (nervously) wonder now when I write, will this knowledge distract from my authenticity? These elements need to become synonymous…

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The Mirror Image

At first you see my appearance;

Smooth,clear,mellow and full of endurance.

Do you speak to me-outside of my frame? Or do you dig deep inside of what you think is lame?

Or..within yourself do you see the same.?

The camera in the eyes is a recording  of what you feel is shame…The window of my pain….

Sharing with me in unity/unison to clean the dust off the pane.

The troubles within cause me to go insane.

Exactly what your looking for hides behind the steel door,living sometimes isnt an option anymore.

If you want help you need to find the key. The key sometimes you cant see,

Because its in the bunch of a hay stack. Within me you’ll find what is not that hard to fight for,

Yet we lack…… (Love)

Quick! Someone hurry before its too late; somebody please get the windex and wipe

Me a clean slate. We walk around full of stress because we’re filled with

So much sloth; trying to wipe what needs to be clean with a dirty cloth.

So smooth and glassy as to offer an insecure hold. Within the cracks in need of

Healing we treat it with scold. The closed mind is the difficulty of what

We cannot scope and because of tough challenges why do we lose hope?

As a reflection of ourselves and thought of as..”well i use to be” that way “what can i share” or how can i

share; how can i change. …..Change!!!!!!! Dont be afraid of it.

Do we judge or do we pray sincerely and care-fully?….Not out of spite but because we truly & genuinely care for them.

Who are you? Do you know who you are?….maybe your still lost.

It not too late to be found. Start now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. ….

Can we do things with one another rather than against one another…?

We all can learn and teach @ the same time.

[Illness ]

Egotistic,closed minded,self gratifying..

Stop telling people what they want to hear and tell them the truth. Its what they NEED TO HEAR.

The change in you can or could be the change in me . Take a look in the mirror. ..

What do you see?

We tend to seek for someone to look out you even know what’s in store?

And one more thing i need to mention…..

We form our words telescope and microscope, whos paying attention.

We need to begin with sympathy not solution.

…… lets stop treating life like its some kind of scrimmage and look deep within

The Mirror Image

My Life story(Future Documentary I hope)

The year of my 15th birthday I believe was the start of my journey. Back then I didn’t quite no much about myself Iived in an abusive home with one sibling. My parents divorced and which felt like a battle forcing to choose sides between the two. I couldn’t understand why my parents couldn’t get along. Why was it so hard for them to act as loving parents and place interest in my sister and I. Well during the time I hadn’t really focused in school that much because I was so stuck on trying to find family a love that bonded so well that would be unbreakable. In between time I switched to four different schools,one due to the area we were in while living with my mother. I then felt like I was this turtle smiling but wasn’t really happy. I was the turtle stuck in its shell and nobody could see me but me. At 18 I graduated with a mid GPA after taking classes at the sylvan learning center with a reading level of above college,writing in between and the rest well ok I guess. When I moved in with my father I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with. My Life but had some ideas. Watching CSI Miami kind of drew me to interest in learning forensics. Taking place in Virginia beach, Va I figured since I wasn’t quite sure what to do I started working at Dominoes pizza which felt like the best job ever. For my first job I found my skill in becoming one of the best and fastest pizza maker in the store along with goal setting to be the fastest pizza boxing in the world until I seen who I had competition with…Lol My father for some reason didn’t approve of me working so he went up to my job and told my boss that I would no longer be working. I then would make an excuse to get out the house just so I could work,sometimes I would even sneak out the house and schedule to work while my father would leave for his shift during the day..At night I would wait till he fell asleep and off to work I would go it was beginning to be my happy place, Dominoes pizza that is..The end of the year of my 19th birthday we moved to Washington D.C.. Great scenery  viewing all of the historical buildings and the white house. I don’t know what changed his mind but I was then aloud to work at the Popeyes which has yummy chicken lol yes yummy chicken. I then formed a family there which was also my escape from a controlling father and a bond I thought we had but was just an illusion. I began to work hard and made enjoyment in what I was doing at the time. Battering chicken tossing 20 to 30 pieces of white and dark meat in the fryer and loading up for the customers I loved it. I then got rewarded for my hard work and after explaining my situation with my father to my team, one of my co workers handed over his studio apartment to me. He told me he was moving in with his girlfriend and he thought I’d have some sort of serenity on my own in my own. To myself I thought …wow! I have my own place I got my own bed my own kitchen , bathroom,even my own dishes to wash. It felt like I was on top of the world. Here I am my first time in the reality of living in the world surviving..A few months go by and we. Get robbed at the job and during the robbery I (thought) I could saved the day,you know be some kind of hero, but my boss didn’t think that would be a good idea…later in that year almost to my 20th birthday my father signed me up for the Everest college which I majored in criminal justice,or the other choice would have been the medical field. With the CSI inspiration I chose criminal justice…..The college life was cool I guess, I felt a little important because I was doing something that may have gave me a little respect I thought and then I met girl who went by the name of phoole, she was from Pakistan.(beautiful) I tried my hardest to begin dating her in which I did succeed. I then went along until I could be able to move in with her. We had great bond. The only issue with her and I was that in her country the parents had to pick who they were to marry whether they liked it or not. So she was married to a man from the same country but was living here which is how she received citizenship. She explained that he was abusive and divorced. Well once they divorce they are not aloud to date or remarry otherwise the male is suppose to kill both the ex wife and the person whom the ex wife is with at the time. So everyday she would rap this smock around her face to hide herself from him due to his stalking. Everyday I woke up to threats and being chased and in fear of my life. She then gave up and sent me to a homeless shelter and told me to get my life together. I was so mad that she never understood that I hated the fact that we were separating. I fell in love with this girl she was something that I never thought I could have ever again..loyalty, love, respect etc. But all that went out the window. My father didn’t want me around anymore. So I tried applications at different job’s until I came across guy that introduced me to a traveling business which was known as the state fair. Amusement of America I was then titled as a carni. I would set up and build rides while traveling from state to state. It was fun while I took advantage of the opportunity and danced on stage and grew a lot of fans and gave out autographs I felt like a star. The pay wasn’t much we’d get draws of $20 to $30 a day unless we saved and collected our dividends at the end of the pay period(week). Once we arrived in Ohio a lady by the name of Jessica offered me to be a door to door salesman selling magazines which I later found out that it was all a scam I couldn’t believe it. So we arrived in Hannibal Missouri and I informed the Jones’s that they were a scam and don’t feed into them,the magazine crew left me stranded in area which I New nothing of alone…I came across some college students and asked if they seen them around.I had no way of getting back home so they played for a taxi for me to get to columbia mo and fed me. I found the hotel in which I and the crew were supposed to reside and the owners jumped me and took my belongings and told me to find my own way home after they advise me that they were going to pay for my bus ticket back home. I was a little worried and didn’t know what to do so I slept behind the waffle house just near by with one back full of my writings of poetry and woke up the next morning, went inside the waffle house and wrote on a piece of napkin stating that I needed help and passes it to the cook. He introduced me to a man named Bob. Bob took me around the town to find a shelter to stay in and in my head I’m like no I hate shelters I’m to good for that but I didn’t judge. I stayed as humble as possible. I found myself sleeping on the streets along with protesters and camped it out with them as local restaurants donated food to us..The weather was getting really cold so I went walking around and came across an abandoned hotel. I went inside and went to sleep I told myself I would get up early and leave and try to find help. Well if help found me awakening to handcuffs and a charge of second degree burglary…I never thought I’d ever be in jail for something that which should have been trespassing..I called my folks back home and they laughed not believing I was incarcerated. I felt like the world had disappeared and there was no hope at all.I then was released after 3 months and a girl named Sky volunteered to allow me to stay with her at her home and later turned into an interesting yet bad relationship…i was told by almost half the town to stay away from this gal including the police..I thought people were just jealous but it triggered me when the police agreed..days later I get the police walking up to me arresting me for a domestic assault. My 22nd birthday was spent in prison for 11 months even thought the court documents stated they have footage of me never being near the girl and now justice isn’t served it’s too late I did the time so now I am I judged of someone I am not I keeping head held high because that doesn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams..Here I stand in the state of Missouri for 3 years and now what’s next….wpid-jjw6dw-_.jpeg


Moments are suppose to be what we call cherish. so how do you cherish a moment full of silence,full of shy activities..and can you make up what should ‘ve been there or was that just spare of the moment. Living the clues of our lives and these awkward moments in disguise..I realize what we should share the inner moment that we all bare. Welcome to the unthinkable actions we tend to feel creepy crawling up our skin…why so nervous are you ok do you need something to do,something to say..what’s the difference they are all moments that should take our breath away…maybe…..yet they can take your frowns away your anxiety away and more…Some moments are sometimes too sudden And sometimes just right.. Be creative,design your moments and unstiff your mind and let it be open….Open minded

My son

Sent from above so precious i love
You are created so beautifully and wonderfully made
What a joy it can be;your heart for me to aid
Our bond will be so strong that nothing could come between us,
But if anything were to happen atleast i know you’ll have one is jesus.
Love is the best thing i can give you,which equals time; because it will never cost a dime,so as you grow up in life,enjoy and have fun,i want you to know how grateful i am to have you as

My Son

Divine Heart